About Us

Built in year 2011, HamuEco Lodge offers affordable and unforgettable experiences of Raja Ampat to their guest. Limited number of rooms and guests help us to preserve our environment. Located near a local family from Raja Ampat, we offers experience to interact with local people but also having comfortable room with basic amenities.

The idea of establishing HamuEco started from a casual discussion with local people that desire to improve their life quality and also participate developing Raja Ampat tourism. At that time, year 2010, there are only few number of Lodge in Raja Ampat owned by Indonesian locals. On the other hand, we also want to gives direct contribute to local communities. Followed by only two or three meetings, we start HamuEco Lodge development in Raja Ampat​

​Besides our desire to participate in developing Raja Ampat tourism, we also have a mission so that guest with limited budget can also enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat which people usually associate it as an expensive place. By providing basic needs such as an inn room, bathroom, and dining, we expect more and more people can see the beauty of Raja Ampat and maintain its beauty to remain natural.