Daily Islands Tour

Some ouf our guest prefer to choose and make their own itinerary vacation when visiting us. That is why; we create a one day Islands tour, so our guest can choose how they want to experience Raja Ampat islands and underwater during their holiday. If you have preferred Island or heard a specific island in mind that you are curious to see, don’t hesitate to tell us, we’ll take you to the island you wish to stopover.

Kabui Bay Day Tour

HamuEco Lodge – Genez cave - Batu Pensil Climbing Spot – Urai Island Beach and Snorkeling Spot – Friwen Island.
The trip will begin with entering Kabui Bay with its unique limestone karts structure. It is very nice to take pictures of these limestones. Then we will stop for a while to snorkeling into a cave, we called it genez cave, that hidden when the tide is high, one of unique items that you can only found in Raja Ampat.


Then we will go to Batu Pinsil, and hike to see Kabui bay from above. After that, we will go to Urai Island for lunch and snorkeling around the island. There are 2 good spot for snorkeling.


From Urai, we will go to Friwen Island to snorkeling on its wall and see many corals and fishes. In here, there are also skulls came from ancient.

Arborek Manta Day Tour

HamuEco Lodge – Manta Point Snorkeling Spot – Arborek Island – Mangkurkodon Island – Koh Island– Mioskon Island.
In the morning after breakfast, we will go to manta point or manta sandy to snorkeling with large manta ray size 3 meters long. After that, we go to Arborek Village for snorkeling under their jetty and sees large kima or clamshell with lots of soft coral there. In here, we can also walk around the village and meet local people.

island_tour_2 island_tour_3

From Arborek, we go to mangkurkodoon village and snorkeling around the village. Then we go to koh Island, near Mankurkodon.


After that, we will go to Mioskon Island for snorkeling and relax on their white sand beach while enjoying sunset.

Kri Sandbank Day Tour

HamuEco Lodge – Five Rocks Snorkeling spot - Kerupiar Island – Yenbuba Jetty – Kri Sandbank.
First we will snorkeling at Five Rock island and if we are lucky we will meet mobulas or small mantas swim here. Kerupiar Island is a very small island, but it has wide underwater garden with lots of corals and group of batfish. Sometimes unicorn fish also appear here.

island_tour_5 island_tour_6

From Kerupiar, we will go to yenbuba jetty, and if we are lucky we will see barracuda or black tip shark swim here. The coral garden is vey nice and have lots variety. From there, we will go to sandbank infront Kri Island. You can go snorkeling or take pictures with koh island on the background.

island_tour_7 island_tour_8