The restaurant built on beach overlooking the sea with Mansuar, Gam, and Batanta island scenery when the sky is bright. Dining with fascinating view of Raja Ampat ocean and Islands will give you a memorable experience. Our restaurant has has two main space; the dining area and outdoor sun deck.

On the dining area, guests can choose between using the two long dining table or just sit on the floor covered with gabah mat, we called it "lesehan" like local people used to eat. Most of our menus are local taste (Indonesian food; rice and vegetable) using herbs and spice, with fish as the main course. We use fish and other seafood catch by local fisherman. At our dining area, we provide water, hot water, tea and coffee for our guest 24/7 self service. We are not serving any alcoholic drink at our area.

Outside the dining area, we have sun deck with beautiful view at noon and a perfect spot for star-gazing at night. Sometimes, our guest enjoy this area so much, that they fall asleep on the deck until morning came.